Thursday, October 8, 2009

Modern Makeover

We've been working on this for a while quietly in the background, putting up one of those pardon our dust signs so not to bother any of the bunnies visiting the bunny lounge for a drink. FINALLY after looking at it for ten months we have removed the very ugly wallpaper in our bedroom. Look at it:
EWW! So even just having the wallpaper gone has been a big change for us. Ahh refreshing!Oh, but look at the ceiling. Its so bad you can see it in the pictures! SMOKERS! Yes my bedroom used to be home to two people who smoked in bed! EWW! Look at this contrast with the white paint.YAY! Way to go Hef's Dad!Ahh, so much better! This color is Cheyanne Rock by Behr. Oh its so much better!


The Bunns said...

Looks great ... what's Hef say?

Michelle (Shell) May said...

They smoked in bed?? Ick..stink, puke!
Love the new look. Soooooo much better. Good job Hef's dad.