Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seasonal Update

Obviously we suck at blogging, lets move on... Today is the first day of Summer! We are expecting record highs of 91+ today!
"Bring me a cool water, and more PELLETS!!!"
Yes, princess Carrot, heaven forbid you move to your other bowl, ya know the one next to your  water bottle.

"Hey guess what? I weigh 55 lbs, not too shabby!"
Yes, Little B had a weigh in last night and she surprised us at an impressive 55 lbs, she might be a big girl yet!

Poor Shadow went to tthe vet last week with a UTI, but she is already perking up and acting her old self.
 NOT PICTURED: One grumpy bunny who keeps hiding every time I come in his room
Black beans and rice, this is an instant favorite!

Zucchini fritters, I liked and  Hef's dad did not

Grilled Camembert, who knew? I didn't leave it on long enough so it wasn't all melty but it did have a good smoky flavor
So thats about whats going on with us!


speedyrabbit said...

you can have our liquid sunshine yes the rain is back!

Carmen C. said...

I thought somebunny was missing, hope Hef is feeling ok and miss Carrot looks very comfy there:) Those zucchini fritts look amazing, if you find the time could you share the recipe???

Jade said...

Silly Hef, you know everyone wants to see you! No hiding from your mama next time.

Mr. Mick sides with Carrot; when it comes to hot weather, all energy must be conserved as much as possible. (Of course, His Majesty has AC, so why he needs to worry about hot weather is beyond me, but that's what he says.)

RoadBunner said...

Thanks for the update! Stay cool!

Michelle May said...

Ok...where is Hef Man? Please tell me he's ok.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Good words, good food. Let's eat!

(Hef, Hef, Hef, Hef, .....) pick up the chant folks!