Monday, May 28, 2012

My Home

My home is clean, it is not spotless
There are paw prints on the floor
That match the ones on my heart
There are toys scattered about
That remind me of simple pleasures
There are nose marks on the windows
That assure me I am safe the dangerous intruding mailman
There is fur in the air, food, clothes, furniture and me
That are parts of my best buddies
My home is clean, it is not spotless
But my heart is full of love


speedyrabbit said...

that it just lovely from speedy's mum

bunnits said...

Delightful. Thank you.

Michelle May said...

Love this Em.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Sounds just like what BL says when house-cleaning day comes around!

Good thing I am not a neatnik!

(It's just the hay wisps in the breakfast cereal that get me ...)

The human said...

Sounds just like our house... If we could add: sticky baby handprints all over the tv screen.

How are Carrot and Hef getting along?

Lisa said...

That is lovely :) sounds like my house too!

speedyrabbit said...

Thanks for the visit and for following me!good luck in the prize draw!xoSpeedy

Rabbit Hutches said...


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