Monday, December 12, 2011

We gotta brag!

Has anyone ever seen a made for tv production of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin as Peter Pan? Its on youtube if you want to see it. Its a musical and its live action. My grandma had a tape of it and I loved it when I was young, still do! Anyway Peter Pan sings a song called "I gotta brag" and thats the mood we are in. As of today I am finished christmas shopping! Woo! Everything is wrapped except the ones I have to mail out. The dogs went to the dog park today, and Bandit was off leash the whole time! She did get halfway across the bridge to the parking lot once, but came back. I had treats for her and another dog picked up on that and whenever I called Lil B, he came running too, so fun. We really get to brag today because we came home to a package from Shell May who we all love! She is so sweet to send something for everybun!
I am so excited about this frappe vino because it looks like it will make a wine slushie, I hope I can hold out until summer!

Thanks for the banana chips, Auntie Shell!

Shadow: Thanks for the cookies! Bandit: Why did we get cookies? Shadow: Because Mama is not the only nutter with a computer and sometimes that works out for us!
How is everybody else's holiday prep going? We aren't hosting our holiday party this year, someone else in the family wanted to so we can take it easy.
P.S. Shell this box is coming right back your way once I fill it up with new goodies!
P.P.S. I almost forgot to mention, the other night Hef was hanging out in my lap and Little Bandit was snoozing next to us on the couch. YEAH! It was awesome...until Hef peed on my new fleece and my late grandmothers blanket!


mary said...

Hey there! Shadow and Bandit - quite the cookie lovers! I might just bake up a batch for them!

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Jade said...

Oh lucky you to get goodies from Shell--and to get your Christmas shopping done! Mine was delayed by Mick's tummy issues, but I'm hoping to have things done by the end of the week.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Trouble maker. (Hey BL - you got the Christmas Shopping done yet?)

Good going on the training!

The human said...

hee hee hee! Hef's just reminding you and the doggies that he is boss and claiming you as his minion by peeing on you!

Well done on the shopping... I haven't started. Ooops

danieru said...

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Lisa said...

I am SO jealous! I didn't get to start my shopping until Saturday! Effing finals plus crazy work schedule = no real holiday season for me :-/ Glad to hear everyone is doing well over there!

Kuro Hikari said...

They looked like they had fun! Best keep them well stocked for such cute photos!

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Anonymous said...