Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let there be light!

First off, sadly Kitty has moved on to a new home. Her new home sounds great but we will miss her.

Yes! We have put up our lights. We actually did it last week because it
was very warm. Kitty was still here then and actually jumped out the window on to the roof! Here is Hef's dad high up on the roof.Then he got carried away and decorated Shadow the Dog. We decided not to try this with Hef, I'll let you guess why.


Lisa said...

Shadow looks great in holiday lights!

Carmen C. said...

Shadow has a distinct look of disaproval, LOL!!! I agree...not a good idea for bunnies, we had to go buy all new lights one year, luckily they weren't plugged in when they were shredded:)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Shadow is giving the look of "what the hell????" "Humans." hee,hee,hee.