Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally a use for Matzoh!

Hef's Dad, closet Passover lover, seen here harassing the easter bunny
Obviously I love Easter, but Hef's Dad for some reason has a fascination with passover. He makes matzo ball soup and bought a box of Matzoh a few weeks ago. I don't know why he's so into it, he was raised catholic and went to catholic schools all his life, including college and graduate school.
 Anyway I've been stuck with this box of Matzoh crackers in my cabinet. Ms. Martha Stewart, (whom I have a love/hate relationship with) offered me a solution:
Best of all it was easy and turned out tasty! All you have to do is melt chocolate, I used the dark chocolate melting chips that come in the bulk section and pour it over. I used my spatula to kind of paint it on and then cover with your topping! I used salted cashews because I love the salty sweet combo. My guess is this better then a regular candy bar and I used up food that would have gone to waste!


Jade said...

I have a hate/detest relationship with Martha Stewart--she's the Antichrist in my book.

Those are two adorable looking boys there. :D

Chocolate on almost anything makes it better :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Don't nobody go be a'messin' with the Hefster - not for long anyway.

Ah Martha S. .. well, she did have this great set of those nice french cooking pots of pretty colors that BL got and uses a lot and were way cheaper than that LeCruet or some such thing.