Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back from the vet

Well no news is good news right? I had a nice talk with the vet, this was our first visit to this vet, I did not like the other vet around here. This vet was much nicer, Bandit was calm for the most part but started to bark when the vet tech tried to help Bandit on to the table. Of course she was muzzled again, but better safe then sorry. We had a good talk and I covered all Bandit's symptoms and problems. Bandit has not been diagnosed yet but will go back on Tuesday morning to for x-rays and tests. The vet was very nice and said she's not in immediate danger, which makes me feel better. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes, I will keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bandit's going to the vet!

I don't know if I had talked about this before. When we adopted Bandit we thought she had kennel cough, and the vet told us it would take time or it to go away. However, it hasn't gone away. Bandit still has raspy breathing and gets worn out easily.
 Over the weekend I was working and got frantic texts and calls while I was at work from Hef's dad. He had taken the dogs on a walk and Bandit was so tired she refused to walk anymore. I had to leave work, pick them up and drive them home. It was very scarey, so tomorrow we are going to the vet, hopefully they can figure it out!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th!

Is Friday the 13th bad luck? Not at The Bunny Lounge!
Right here we got your double dog roll in the grass,  oh it feels so good!

Hef's dad is predicting a good apple crop this year!
 Things are blooming all around us and we love it! Now to get started on that veggie garden!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi Everyone! It's me Bandit! Good Morning and Hapy Mother's Day to you, but uh, please don't come any closer, ok? I don't like strangers!
"Yes, Sweet Bandit is not one for strangers, and had quite the barking fit at a neighbor who walked into our yard to talk to Hef's dad," Hef's Mom says.
I've taken over this blog thing to wish my own Mama a Happy Mother's Day, because she is the best mama I have. I don't remember if I had a Mama besides my dog mama before, but Mama is the best one! She is always very kind to me and patient with my "issues."

Also she has the best snuggles, which even a big tough German Shepherd like me needs sometime!
 So from all of us to all of you and especially to our Mama, Have a Happy Mother's Day!
"And let's spend it outside, it's sunny!"

"And I'm still not eating this cord, honest! It's really interestin to look at so leave me alone!"

Saturday, May 7, 2011


First of all in my attempt to overshadow the butterflies, it has been decided that I will be the Assistant Manager at Wendy's, which is the better of two positions and is salaried and not hourly! WOO!

I  think this butterfly looks burned, very neat.

This butterfly was sooooo beautiful, just like a stained glass window.

I wish I could have had something in this shot for size comparision because this was a VERY LARGE butterfly.

Hef's dad isn't a big fan of bugs flying in his face, but he enjoyed himself and didn't panic when this butterfly landed on his arm.
I never knew I liked butterflies so much, but this conservatory was AMAZING.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spontaneous Trip!

Hef's dad and I don't really plan things out in advance. So when my enhanced drivers license arrived Friday we headed to Canada on Saturday. We intended to go to an outlet mall, but it stunk! So we went exploring and ended up at Niagara on the lake!
"Wanna ride the horsey? $55 for 15 minutes"
We did not ride the horsey.

Hef's dad was really into this clock, he remembered it from when he was a kid and never knew where it was to go back, we just happened to find it!

There goes Hef's dad, exploring the botanical gardens.
 Possibly my favorite part of the trip was the butterfly conservatory! Butterflies everywhere! It was amazing, they deserve their own post! Will post more butterfly photos soon!