Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi Everyone! It's me Bandit! Good Morning and Hapy Mother's Day to you, but uh, please don't come any closer, ok? I don't like strangers!
"Yes, Sweet Bandit is not one for strangers, and had quite the barking fit at a neighbor who walked into our yard to talk to Hef's dad," Hef's Mom says.
I've taken over this blog thing to wish my own Mama a Happy Mother's Day, because she is the best mama I have. I don't remember if I had a Mama besides my dog mama before, but Mama is the best one! She is always very kind to me and patient with my "issues."

Also she has the best snuggles, which even a big tough German Shepherd like me needs sometime!
 So from all of us to all of you and especially to our Mama, Have a Happy Mother's Day!
"And let's spend it outside, it's sunny!"

"And I'm still not eating this cord, honest! It's really interestin to look at so leave me alone!"


Carmen C. said...

What a lovely post bandit, you have definite writing skills! happy Mother's day to your momma who takes such good care of all of you!!!!

Jade said...

Well done, Bandit! Happy Mother's Day to your momma!

(Hef, you don't fool me for a second, stay away from that cord!)

The Fab Furs said...

What a nice Mother's Day present, Bandit! It sounds like a great time to take the dogs for a walk so Hef can be left alone to contemplate his cord.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Good going guys. That Bandit has a story telling future!!!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Hope your day was perfect Emily! Critter kiddo's are so much fun and so good. Well, even if one wants to chew a cord. ;)
xx, shell

haley said...

Self control, bun! You can do it!