Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bunny Lounge Blogs Again!

"Is it safe to come out? Is everybody mad at us?"
I really feel bad that we haven't blogged in so long. Nothing terrible has happened and we are all doing well. Little Bandit is sleeping through the night which is AWESOME, and really seems to have going potty outside under control. Shadow loves to play with her and steal her puppy chow, causing Hef's dad to declare that she is getting fat! Mr. Hef continues to be Mr. Spoiled and actually seems a little fond of Little Bandit. As for me, it seems like I am really going to finally be promoted to Assistant Manager at work. I'm very pleased with this but have been having a hard time just staying awake lately. I have just been exhausted most of the time, if I'm not at work I'll go to bed around 9pm or earlier. I almost went to bed at 6:30pm one day! I've been reading everyones blogs loyally, commenting occasionally, but mostly I've just been so tired! It's terrible!
However I am resolving to blog more! I have a new soup to try out tomorrow and have to blog about it, let's get back on track!